M. Nichitiu

Current classes

Math 7b

About me

I was born in Russia, but I had my Bachelor's, Masters's degrees, and my Ph.D. in Theoretical Computer Science from ENS Lyon, France. I held teaching and research positions in Belgium and France. After several years spent in academia as an Associate Professor of Computer Science, I moved to the States, where my research interests are distributed computing and natural language processing.

Besides the usual university teaching, I also solved Computer Science problems for the entrance exams at Grandes Écoles in France. As my children were growing, I first tried to directly enrich their education on my own. In today’s world, this proved to be harder than I thought. Looking for a better solution, it quickly became apparent that SchoolNova was a perfect fit for exactly that purpose, for my children, and myself. Nowadays, I volunteer to teach computer science, mathematics, physics and coaching a First Lego League robotics team, The Robosaurus, as well as a Science Olympiads Team.

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