Maria Karbovskaya

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I graduated from Moscow State University with a master's degree in mathematics in 2006. One year later I earned my MA in Economics from New Economic School in Moscow. I’ve been an IT and business analyst at Accenture, an English teacher to adults and young children, an Elementary Montessori teacher in various Montessori schools in Ithaca, NY but my love for the beauty of mathematics and sweet pleasure of a-ha moments my students and I experience has never faded. Having a mathematical mind is not just about knowing math tables, formulas, and algorithms, it’s an enjoyable and structured way one sees life and tackles problems. Outside of math and teaching, I enjoy hiking gorgeous gorges of the Finger Lakes, exploring new cutting-edge hobbies like sewing masks, and learning something new with my two children. I’m in it for the math itself, for the delirious quest for patterns, the thrill of the detective chase, and the lure of beautiful answers.

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