Math clubs 3 and 4

Tentative list of topics for Math Clubs 3 and 4.

  • Are you good at giving directions? Learning to follow and formulate instructions.
  • Pentominoes in 2D and in 3D.
  • Blokus game: game of constrained growth.
  • Knots: tie your shoes! How about braids?
  • Fold and cut theorem: how to cut only once?
  • Ghost Blitz: how fast can you match shapes and colors or none of them?
  • Game of SET: all the same or all different!
  • Game of Spot-it: a game in the projective plane!
  • What color is your hat? The King’s Wise Men and their problems.
  • Logic table: how to tell a knave from a knight? Game of Cat crimes!
  • Types of symmetries: mirror, rotational, translational, any more?
  • Even more symmetry: two holes with a single punch? Can we do better?
  • The skyscraper problem: how are city streets arranged?
  • Keva: can you build a circular tower out of rectangular planks?
  • Projections: can side views tell us everything about an object?
  • Nets: what do 3D objects look like when flat?
  • Zome: how to go from 2D to 3D with just balls and sticks?
  • Chances: how many times to roll a dice to get a 7?
  • Fractals: let’s look for things that repeat themselves!
  • Topology: from donuts and mugs to Klein bottles!
  • Linguistics: what makes a language?
  • Binary numbers: how do computers see numbers?
  • Cyphers: how to write secret messages and how to read them?
  • Game-theory: can you always win? How about your opponent?
  • Tessellation: are there shapes that can fill the entire board? How about shapes that never repeat?
  • Guesstimation: which one is more frequent in the world? Math teachers or tractor

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