Starting September 2016 SchoolNova will offer Math clubs for students of different ages:

  1. Math clubs for elementary school children:
    • For grades 1 - 2. Instructors: Elena Yakubovskaya and Anar Amgalan
    • For grades 4 – 5. Instructor: Vibha Mane. Read more ...
  2. Club for middle school students (grades 7-8). Instructors: Anar Amgalan and Corina Mata
  3. Advanced Math Problem Solving club (grades 9 - 12). Instructor: Alexander Kirillov. Read more ...

All clubs except Advanced Math Problem solving club are free of charge for all SchoolNova students who are currently attending at least one class and pay for it on time.

Advanced Math Problem Solving club will be open to any students in grades 9 to 12. There will be a flat fee that will be different for students who attend SchoolNova and those who don’t. The fee will be determined at a later time.

SchoolNova also offers the following Physics clubs:

  1. Advanced Physics Club (grades 10 - 12): Instructors: Zohar Komargodski, Sasha Abanov, Sergey Suchalkin. Read more ...

The participation in the Advanced Physics Club is free of charge for all students.

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