Advanced English A1, 2018-19

Teacher: Kara Palumbo

Room: Harriman104
Time: 10:20AM - 11:05AM
Grades: 5-7


These homeworks are copyrighted material, posted here for use by SchoolNova students and parents. Everyone else is welcome to print a copy of these materials for their personal use; any redistribution or commercial use is prohibited

  • Assigned on 09/16: Edgar Allan Poe  |  
  • Assigned on 09/23:
    Please define the vocabulary words that you underlined (circled, highlighted, etc.) in “The Tell-Tale Heart.” You will need this homework for this Sunday’s in-class assignment.
  • Assigned on 09/30:
    There will be no homework this week EXCEPT to come prepared next time we meet. Please come to class with your printed out version of "The Tell-Tale Heart," either a pen or a pencil, and your notebook. We will be putting the narrator on trial, be ready to either consider the narrator sane or insane!
  • Assigned on 10/14: Insane? Not Insane?  |  
  • Assigned on 10/21: The Lottery  |  
  • Assigned on 10/28: Setting and Atmosphere "The Lottery"  |  
  • Assigned on 11/4:
    My brilliant students. I thoroughly enjoyed your shared responses in class last week. Please come to class with the Setting and Atmosphere homework from last week (which we did not have an opportunity to discuss). There will be no homework for this week because I want to read, analyze, and discuss this story together.
  • Assigned on 11/11:
    Please read pages 77 & 78 in your Little Worlds text books. Come to class with your text books.
  • Assigned on 11/18: "The Gift of the Magi"  |  
  • Assigned on 12/2: Letter of Gratitude  |  
  • Assigned on 12/9: Final Copy of Letter  |  
  • Assigned on 12/16:
    Your only homework is to edit and mail out (or hand deliver) your gratitude letters. Have a wonderful holiday break. No matter what you celebrate, take time to share your gratitude with those around you. ❤️
  • Assigned on 01/6: Literary Devices  |  
  • Assigned on 01/13:
    For homework please complete your 3 Haikus (They ALL have to be about the same topic. NO FORTNITE!). Also, please complete your Acrostic poem (Must have AT LEAST 7 letters. See your packet for an example). These do not have to by typed right now, but you will be creating a packet of poems that will have to be typed. To save yourself a lot of typing, start saving your poems in there now.
  • Assigned on 01/20: Poetry Packet  |  
    Students, my apologies, I believe I let you go a bit early this past Sunday. After meeting with parents, my schedule was a bit off. For Homework, please complete your "If I Were" and your "I Am" poems. The "I Am" poem is to be written in your notebook. DO NOT WRITE THE POEM IN THE PACKET. If there are any questions, please email me before Friday night. If you don't have a packet, I have attached one here. Print it and bring it to class
  • Assigned on 01/27:
    Study all of your poetic literary terms. For example, look back at your homework where you defined alliteration, symbolism, simile, etc. Be prepared for your test.
  • Assigned on 02/3:
    Please come to class with your poetry packets. I will be looking them over one at a time. ALSO, due to my absence, you did not finish taking your test. You now have another week to study! Yay! I’m expecting you all to be very prepared for this test!!! See you on Sunday.
  • Assigned on 02/10: Finish Poetry Packet  |  
  • Assigned on 02/24:
    See previous week’s homework.
  • Assigned on 03/3: S.T.E.A.L.  |  
  • Assigned on 03/10:
    Please read pages 85-90 (up to Roman numeral II) in your text book. For homework you need to write a brief summary of what has occurred in Part I of “The Monkey’s Paw.” This does not have to be typed. If you write it by hand, it must be neat enough for me to read it!!
  • Assigned on 03/17:
    Please finish reading "The Monkey's Paw." For homework I want you to write one quick sentence to tell me the moral of this story.
  • Assigned on 03/31: Essay introduction  |  
  • Assigned on 04/7: 3 body paragraphs  |  
  • Assigned on 04/14:
    You have TWO weeks to complete your essay!! Come to class with an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Look back at the homework board if you are unsure how to organize your intro or your body paragraphs. Your conclusion should be organized as followed: (1) Restate your thesis. (2) Summarize your 3 points. DO NOT QUOTE. MUST BE 2 SENTENCES. (3) Leave your reader with an interesting thought to ponder.
  • Assigned on 04/28:
    For homework, all you have to do is select a poem from the poetry packet you created earlier in the year, one that you wish to be published at the end of the year, and bring a copy to class. For those of you that bring it in, it will be published. If you do not bring in a copy on Sunday, it can not be submitted at a later date.
  • Assigned on 05/5:
    Please come to class with a final edited copy of your essay. Look at my comments and corrections and make the necessary changes. If you have any questions please email me.
  • Assigned on 05/12:
    No Homework

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