Tuition and Payment

Tuition and Fees:

Starting 2015 – 2016 school year SchoolNova calendar will operate on the quarter system.
School year is divided into three (3) academic quarters of 10 weeks each (may be more at some years).

  1. Registration Fee: a non-refundable $30 fee per student (not per family). This is a one-time fee exclusively for NEW students. Application fee is waived for returning students. Fee should be paid in the time of the registration.
  2. Enrollment Fee: The fee is considered as a deposit towards the last tuition payment (for last quarter) Enrollment fee is $75 from the family with one child, $150 – with 2 children, $225 – with 3 or more children. Returning students should pay enrollment fee at the time of re-registration (before July 19) and new students should pay it at the time of the 1st tuition payment (2nd week of the 1st quarter).
  3. Material Fee: The fee will be charged in the beginning of the academic year for classes requiring textbooks and for Art classes supplies. If additional fee are required for some classes the corresponding teacher will collect those fee directly from parents. Material fee is due at the time of the 1st tuition payment.
  4. Administrative Fee: The fee of $25 from families with one child and $30 from families with two or more children covers different school activities, including foreign languages day, Holiday parties, graduation and moving up ceremonies, cleaning after the events and a healthy snack, served during each school day.

Starting 2015 – 2016 school year the cost of tuition is:

  • 45 minutes class: $21/class
  • 60 minutes class: $27/class
  • 90 minutes class: $40/class


TThe discount policy remains the same: tuition for a second child in a family is reduced by 10%. If a family has three children, then tuition is reduced by 10% for all children. SchoolNova also offers a 20% discount on a 3rd subject if a student pays full tuition for the other 2 subjects.

When and How to pay Tuition:

Starting 2015 – 2016 academic year SchoolNova will be accepting payments through the website via PayPal as well as by checks and cash.
Tuition Payment Plans:
Annual (One payment plan) – tuition is paid once for the entire academic year (30 – 32 days of classes) and is due by the end of the 2nd week of the 1st quarter.
Quarterly (Three payments plan): – tuition is paid for each quarter separately and is due by the end of the 2nd week of each quarter.

Missed classes policy:

There will be no "excused classes"; the payments for missed classes will not be returned. Special cases (relocation, long-lasting illness, etc.) will be discussed individually. If you have missed the class, the teacher will provide the classroom work and homework assignments. The teacher will also be available to discuss the material with you.

Books and supplies:

Each child will be charged for textbooks (mostly for math and foreign languages). School provides books directly from distributors at a very good discounted price. The estimated expense for Art class is $60/year.

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