Schedule of Language and Culture classes, 2018-19

All classes meet on Sundays in the Physics building of Stony Brook University. The calendar for the current semester can be found here.

French 56-12Marleine Chiofalo -
Advanced English A5-7   
Advanced English B7-9   
French 0K-2   
French 11-3   
French 22-4   
French 33-6   
French 44-7   
French Advanced 6-9   
Russian 0K-1   
Russian 11-2   
Russian 21-3   
Russian 32-4   
Russian 4/53-5   
Russian 65-7   
Russian 7/86-8   
Russian 98-11   
Russian 108-11   
Spanish 1a1-3   
Spanish 2a2-4   
Spanish 1b1-3   
Spanish 2b2-4   
Spanish 34-6   

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