Math placement test

All new students and all students wishing to skip a level in math classes should take the math placement test which will help us place the students in the right class. Note that our levels do NOT correspond to regular school's grades. Usually new students are enrolled into 1 or 2 levels below their grade number. During the last 12 years we developed 11 years curriculum in mathematics, the curriculum is far above and beyond the school's math. Many concepts we introduced are based on the material we taught in the previous levels.
New students’ placement into the math classes is based on the results of the Placement Test administered 1 – 2 weeks prior the beginning of the school year.
Student MUST be registered on the website in order to participate in the program and to take a Placement test.

What is Math Placement Test and How it will be administered?

• The placement test is not a pass-fail test and does not exclude you from admission to SchoolNova.
• The test results will be used to place students on the level appropriate to their level of preparation.
• The test is NOT multiple–choice examination
• The test will be administered and proctored by SchoolNova' math teachers about 2 weeks prior the beginning of the semester
• The test is organized into four groups:
Levels 0 and 1 – interview
Levels 2, 3 and 4 – one test for 3 levels
Levels 5, 6 and 7 – one test for 3 levels
Levels 8, 9 and 10 – one test for 3 levels

How long does the placement exam take to complete?

There is no strict time limitation, on average, each placement test takes about one hour to complete.

How to prepare for the test:

Overview and some sample items relating to the Placement test can be found below.

The results of the placement test will be send to each student by e-mail approximately within a week after you complete your exam.

The placement test itself will take about an hour or less. The test is usually given during the 1st week of September; exact date and time is announced in the end of August.

List of topics and sample tests

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