Internet Use Parental Consent Form

Internet Use Consent

In order to provide your child with the most effective tools to enhance their learning, SchoolNova at Stony Brook may utilize online resources for teaching, including virtual courses and online applications, which would require parental permission for your child to access the internet.

To provide a safe learning environment, all participants are prohibited to capture, obtain, distribute or use other participants’ images, videos and other personal information during online classes. This form, when completed, will constitute consent for your child to attend online courses and use online applications, and establish a legal agreement for individuals not to obtain, distribute or use information of other participants.

As a Parent/Guardian,
- I give permission for my child(ren) to participate in SchoolNova online learning and use online applications;
- I understand that my child’s image may be transmitted over the Internet during video portions of the online courses;
- I understand that it is my responsibility as a parent/guardian to restrict any access to Internet materials and activities deemed inappropriate by me;
- I agree to comply with the rules not to obtain, distribute or use other participants’ image, video and other personal information.

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