Math and Physics Clubs

In September 2015, SchoolNova opened math clubs for middle and high school students. In 2017 we added math clubs for elementary school students, and in 2018 we began to offer Physics clubs.
Advanced math and physics clubs are available and free to anyone from the community who love math and physics. SchoolNova students may register for Math and Physics clubs for middle school students (grades 5-8) free of charge if they take the regular Math or Physics classes.

  1. Math clubs:
  • Math clubs for middle school children:
    • Club 5 For grades 5 - 6. Instructor: Vibha Mane. Read more ...
    • Club 7 For middle school students (grades 6-9). Instructor - Corina Mata. Read more ...
    • Clubs 5 and 7 are free of charge and only require some material fee (TBD by the instructor). To be enrolled to math clubs for middle school student has to take a regular math class at SchoolNova.

  • Math club for high school children:
    • Advanced Math Problem Solving club (grades 9 - 12). Instructor: Alexander Kirillov. Read more ...
    • There is NO material fee for Advanced Math club. Students are NOT required to take any other classes at SchoolNova.

    1. Physics clubs:
    • Physics Club for middle school students (grades 7 - 9) Instructor - Sergey Suchalkin.
    • Physics club for middle school students is free of charge and only require some material fee (TBD by the instructor). To be enrolled in the Physics club students have to take a regular Physics class at SchoolNova.

    • Advanced Physics Club (grades 10 - 12): Instructors: Zohar Komargodski, Sasha Abanov, David Frenklahk Read more ...
  • The participation in both Physics clubs is free of charge for all students.
  • To register for the Advanced Physics club for high school students, please, email to
    • You do NOT have to take classes at SchoolNova to attend Advanced Math and Advanced Physics clubs. No tuition and no material fee are required for attending.

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