French D , 2022-23

Room: SBS_N115
Time: Sunday 12:10PM - 12:55PM
Grades: 6-12
Prerequisites: frenchB and teacher's permission
Material fee: 15.00

Description: French 3 - This is an intermediate class. Building on the fundamentals and conversational skills developed in previous levels, the students will learn to share their ideas and opinions. They will express their feelings and talk about everyday life and current events. Word games complement the learning process.


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  • Assigned on 09/18: Classwork: C'est la rentrée  |  
    Read aloud. Happy reading!
  • Assigned on 09/25:
    Continue working on your poem, modeling after one of the poems we read. Listen to the song and answers the questions (if you did not finish in class). Check Google classroom.
  • Assigned on 10/2:
    1. Read Le Petit Nicolas jusqu'à la page 13. Also listen to the reading with the youtube video. 2. Rewrite (dans le cahier) the very first paragraph in the present tense. 3. Present each student (Nicolas et ses amis) with a short description from the story.

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