French A (beginners), 2022-23

Room: SBS_N113
Time: Sunday 10:15AM - 11:00AM
Grades: 2-6
Material fee: 15.00

Description: FRENCH A: The course is designed for complete beginners of French. Younger students learn basic topics in the target language, sing songs, and play games. Games and songs are part of the learning process.


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  • Assigned on 09/18: Classwork: Greetings  |  
    Bonjour ! Your homework is to read aloud what we learned in class.
  • Assigned on 09/25:
    Check G Classroom for homework. Parents if you send me your address address, I will add you to our Google Classroom.
  • Assigned on 10/2: Homework: Greetings and Salutations  |  
    Check G Classroom. There is a short assignment posted. Also there is posted a link to join my Quizlet. Enjoy the long Columbus weekend and see you next Sunday. À dimanche prochain!

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