School is closed for summer break

Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing everyone in September

New students online registration - August 1, 2018 at 10 am

To register for 2018-19 school year, new students should fill out the online registration form: and pay $30 registration fee. The registration will begin on August 1. We accept students on "first come, first serve" basis.

Saturday, April 14 at 4 pm, Frank Melville Jr. Library - Total dictant - Russian language

Все новости о диктанте будут доступны через страницу на официальном сайте, а также на странице в Facebook
Registration is open on April 4.

Saturday, April 21 at 4 pm - new play of Russian Theater studio

We invite you to a new performance of Russian Theater Studio "Dragonfly" - "Very mischievous advises". Play is in Russian.

Sunday, April 29 - Spring concert - foreign languages classes

Once again, students from Russian, Spanish and French classes will perform during SN annual Spring concert. It will take place in room P113 at 10:30 AM.

Thursday, March 15 at 6.30 pm - MathKangaroo

SchoolNova hosts International Math Kangaroo competition this Thursday at 6.30 pm. Location: Simons Center for Geometry and Physics

Congratulations to Advanced English B students for receiving awards from Scholastic for their writing.

We are excited that SchoolNova students Lillian Zhi is receiving the Silver Key award for her flash fiction piece “Scarred,” and Srivaths Ravva is receiving Honorable Mention for his critical essay “Robots: Helpful or Harmful.”

Le Grand Concours - French language competition

February 11 at 9 am - FLES students (french language elementary students - k-6)
March 11 - levels 01-5 (grades 7--12) To register fill up the form:
Eligibility for Le Grand Concours All students studying French are eligible

AMC 10/12B - February 15, 2018

As before, SchoolNova, together with the math department, will be offering AMC 10/12B. It will be given on Feb 15, 2018.
To register for the contest, students or their parents should fill this form: A student can participate in both competitions - AMC 10/12 A and AMC 10/12 B. SchoolNova only offers part B.

Wednesday, April 11 - PhysicsBowl - Physics competition coordinated by AAPT

Once again SchoolNova participates in the competition coordinated by American Association of Physics teachers.
To register fill out the registration form:
Wednesday, April 11 at 6.45 pm in the room P117


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