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We approach education from the point of view of helping children acquire skills and knowledge that would increase their interest in academics and would eventually facilitate a comfortable transition when they enter college.
Our enrichment classes are taught by highly educated researchers and teachers on both University and School levels who are passionate about their subject, and present material in a style more akin to sharing than a regular classroom teaching. Discussions, questions and exploration are encouraged.

We believe that studies done in small groups, rather than in large, age-based classes will provide a needed academic challenge and a better match between students' learning abilities and the curriculum. It also provides opportunities for our students to meet other intellectual peers and obtain emotional support for high achievement.

We provide motivated students with the possibility to learn faster and more deeply, we try to give them early access to advanced, complex content of math and science subjects.

We believe that since mobility and communication bring the modern world closer together, it is important for people to be competent in other languages.
In our program we provide the opportunity to begin learning foreign languages (French, Spanish, Italian and Russian) as early as 6 years of age.

We also strongly believe in the importance of early childhood education. Early years are the most receptive years of a child’s life. Educators refer to the mind of a child during this period as the “absorbent mind.” We provide classes for children ages 3-5 in English and Russian languages.

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